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Understanding and Training a Bullmastiff


The Bullmastiff is generally a docile, mild-mannered and serious breed. Keep in mind, however, that they have fighting bloodlines and are strong, protective & fearless - once provoked, they rarely back down. Therefore, owning one does require experience and a handler with excellent leadership skills.

As a guard and companion, the Bullmastiff is loyal and devoted to family and sensible, if not a bit reserved with strangers. To avoid uncomfortable situations, socialise this breed early and pro-actively with as many people, animals & environments as possible. Create

positive experiences and praise all desired responses.

Stubborn and strong, the Bullmastiff will respond to early, firm and consistent training. Exercise patience and rely primarily on praise & encouragement and very little to no correction, as harsh methods will provoke this breed.

Breed Profile

Breed Name: Bullmastiff

Domestic Dog Group:

Brief Description:

  • General Size: 90 - 130 lbs (41 - 59 kg); 64 - 69 cm
  • General Temperament: Loyal & Fearless
  • General Description: A serious, stubborn breed with a reliable, protective, yet affectionate loyalty to it owner.

Breed’s Key Traits

  High Med-High Medium Med-Low Low
Requires Experience   x      
Good Family Dog     x    
Exercise Required     x    
Activity Indoors       x  
Ease of Training       x  
Sociability with Strangers     x    
Grooming Requirements       x  


Brief History

The Bullmastiff is a cross between mastiffs and bulldogs. Bred as a guard dog and often referred to as "the gamekeeper's dog", the Bullmastiff used its strength, fearlessness and strong tracking abilities to attack & tackle poachers, pinning them to the ground without breaking skin.


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