Country Retreat and Dog Hotels

Royvon is ready to care for your dog!

If you are looking for a dog hotel in beautiful country retreat surroundings then look no further.

Let your dog stay in our dog hotels with beautiful country surroundings!

Are you going on a holiday or work-related trip and cannot bring your dog with you?

Feeling anxious about whom to leave your dog with?

It’s a scenario common among many pet parents who do not have anyone reliable available to care for their dogs while they’re away or for those who have had an off-putting experience with pet sitters.

We’re here to help ease your anxiety over having to leave your dogs behind.

Royvon Dog Hotels and Training has been a preferred destination for pet parents who want to give their dogs the best pet holiday while they are away.

Our Country Retreat package begins in Surrey where your dogs will be picked up and transported via our luxurious and specially adapted pet shuttle to any one of our country retreat locations in Merthyr Tydfil, which has breathtaking views of the valley and the nearby Brecon Beacon National Park, and in Coventry, which is located at Steve Hall Farm.

You can also opt to avail of our pet taxi service so your dog can be picked up from your home anywhere in the UK, or you can bring your dogs personally to our dog hotel so you can see firsthand our top quality facilities.

Our private and secure dog hotel offers purpose-built, modern accommodation and outstanding facilities suitable for all breeds and sizes of dog.

Other country retreat amenities include, among others:

royvon dog hotel grounds

6 acres of secure grounds
royvon dog hotel activity hall

2 indoor activity halls
royvon dog hotel spa

Spa for all their pampering needs
royvon dog hotel paddocks

3 very large fenced play paddocks
royvon dog hotel nature reserve

Nearby nature reserves and countryside walks
royvon dog hotel style

Hotel style accommodation for giant dogs, another for medium to large and an enclosed nursery block for small breeds

Our caring and experienced professional dog hotel staff will look after your dogs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Upon arrival at our facility, you will be immediately notified to ease any concern. We upload hundreds of photos daily to our official Facebook accounts (see below the page) so pet parents can check on their dogs whenever and wherever they are.

We also offer customizable activity packages for your dogs—such as countryside walks, group play or individual play times—to keep them happily preoccupied during their luxury holiday with us.

We look forward to seeing you and your dog soon!

Our Country Retreat option has room choices similar to that of Surrey and offer all the same dog boarding services at the same cost. I am afraid we cannot offer boarding with training with this option as all our training involves you working with the trainer who trained your dog.

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