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Don't I need to be part of the training experience?
There are certainly advantages to having the dog owner involved in the training experience, and residential training is no exception: The owner must learn and practise the skills to experience the same results the Trainer did . A benefit of our Complete Training Solution course is that at the end of the training we invite the owners back in for a one to one lesson so that the trainer can pass on the training techniques to the owner to continue to be consistent at home. This is then supported with 6 months free of one to one lessons, so after departure if you require more advice or direction it is free of charge.

As long as the owner is consistent, residential training is a very effective and a convenient training solution. Benefits to residential training include having your dog trained while on holiday; having the house re-modelled; during a move or planned surgery. It is much easier for many owners to practise obedience on a dog that is already trained, with the foundations set in place, rather than trying to train from scratch while learning and practising at the same time.

How do we train your dog?
Royvon's primary training techniques use positive reinforcement - a dog is rewarded for desired behaviour and not rewarded for unwanted behaviour. NO harsh methods are used at any time. Timing and consistency are key elements as are general confidence, body language, use of voice, appropriate use of equipment and motivational rewards for the dog.

Dogs vary in temperament and confidence just as much as people do so our trainer will use their experience to tailor your dog's training course to suit your dog's characteristics. That is one of the reasons we get such good training results.

At the end of the training the obedience skills your dog has learned will be demonstrated to you by your trainer and you will be taught the commands and techniques involved so you can continue to reinforce the training at home.

Are all dogs trainable?
All dogs are trainable to some degree, It depends on your dogs breed & age.

Is my dog the correct age?
The optimum age for our Complete Training package is normally between 6 and 9 months of age. All dogs are different and their breed and level of maturity is also an important factor. If you don't have the opportunity and your dog is older than 12 months then we recommend that the training take place as soon as possible.Bad behaviour doesn't get better by itself!

Can I visit the school before I decide to book?
Royvon encourages prospective customers to visit the school at any time during the hours of 9am and 5pm 7 days a week.

What happens if my dog suffers from anxiety?
We will accept bookings for all dogs onto our Complete Training Package but in order for them to be accepted they must pass a 3 day assessment. If we are not able to settle the dog into its new environment then our positive methods cannot work so we will therefore fail the assessment and the dog will need to go home. We provide a full refund of the deposit in this case.

What if my dog suffers anxiety and I'm away on holiday?
We insist that we have a plan B and contact with you, in nearly all cases its fine for the dog to stay at our school but we may have chosen not to continue with training and we will provide the care needed for that particular dog.

How can my dog fail its assessment?
Two reasons. One would be that we cannot motivate the dog so that our positive method does not work and the other is that the learned behaviour is too strong for us to change to meet our set standards.

What happens if my dog has never been in this environment before?
Dogs tend to adjust to a new environment easily but to ensure that they are happy we try to make their stay with us a positive experience. We will follow their normal feeding routine and provide them with plenty of exercise which they enjoy. If you would like you can also bring some of the dog's belongings in with them to make them feel more at home.

How do you cater for dogs with aggression towards people or other dogs?
Our environment is essential, we can control the proximity of our stooge dogs. Your dog's trainer will direct co-trainers to assist in the necessary controlled environment.

What happens if my dog becomes ill?
Every dog is monitored closely during their stay. We have staff onsite 24/7 and a vet on call 24hrs per day. If at any point your dog becomes ill he will be taken the vet immediately.

What is a typical day at Royvon for dogs on a residential training course?
The time they are taken out of their accommodations will depend on the activity package you select. The accommodations staff will take the dog out for play time according to what you have chosen. The trainer will also spend a few sessions each day with the dog training, depending on which residential package they are on. Sessions are kept short so that the dog is able to concentrate. Each dog has its own sleeping area and an adjoining outside run so that they can play.

How will I know how the course is progressing?
Our customer care team will provide updates via text and email. The trainer will also telephone you in the 1st week to provide a telephone assessment to discuss the training outcome and answer any of your questions.

How do I know harsh methods won't be used?
Harsh methods don't work. While there are some people who use such methods and report results, the bottom line is that they are cruel, unnecessary and will very likely destroy the bond the dog has with the handler. Furthermore, in a residential environment, positive training promotes learning - the dog must have a good relationship with their handler to want to train. When the dog does not have such a bond with the Trainer, they will not learn, moreover will become stressed in the Trainer's company - something that can not be hidden from the owner. Dogs don't lie.

Does my dog socialise with other dogs?
Yes once Royvon conducts a temperament test on your dog the trainer will then socialise accordingly with other dogs. All dogs are socialised in safe and monitored environments, the amount of socialisation your dog gets will depend on the activity package you select.

Will my dog remember me?
Yes definitely a dog will never forget your scent.

What standard should be expected of the training?
Most of the Royvon residential courses include a demonstration with pre-determined exercises. However, please understand that every dog has their own level of learning as a result of both their nature and nurturing. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to work within the guidelines of the dog's sensitivities in order to instil long-term, positively reinforced obedience and behaviour changes. As assessment is included in every course, where such expectations will be outlined for the dog owner with on-going dialogue encouraged.

Can I visit my dog while at the school?
Visiting a dog during a residential training programme is highly discouraged as there is risk of stressing the dog should they see or catch scent of their owner. The training is much more effective to have the dog settled in the environment and focused on the rewards of training. Dogs live for the moment and we find that the owner usually misses the dog more than they miss their owners, never the less the dogs are always ecstatically happy to be re-united with their owners.

Will my dog work for me the same way as with the Trainer?
At the course end the trainer will provide you with comprehensive tuition to include hands-on instruction of the exact methods used. With the Complete Training Package course you will have the 6 months free of back up lessons to support you and your dog through the transition.

What if my dog goes back into old/bad habits once home?
Should the dog fall into bad habits once back in the home environment, call your trainer immediately. As needed, take notes of when and what happened to help the trainer identify the breakdown and offer effective support. Dogs are opportunists and will be looking for gaps in the new routine, because those gaps are likely rewarding to the dog. And, once the dog has experienced success as the decision maker, the harder it will be to re-establish your position and the less apt the dog will be to listen to you. Consistency is key and small mistakes will add up quickly if the owner does not experience desired results, therefore build their confidence before fully subscribing and adapting to the new and better way of living with their dog.

What is the cost of your Complete Training Package?
We offer significant discounts for more than one dog sharing accommodation and for dogs that will arrive at low season periods, we therefore suggest that you contact us to obtain a quotation. We require a deposit of 100 to secure a booking and the balance is paid on course completion.

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