Dog Training FAQs



Why should we choose Royvon?

Royvon is the first and leading specialists for residential training. Because Royvon is a residential school, there are teams of experts on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are also a wide variety of trainers, each with their own areas of expertise, including trainers that excel in behaviour management, health care and diet, first aid and specialty training. Regardless of the course chosen, you know you are receiving the best possible service.

How do we know which training programme is best for our dog?

It depends on the pet parent and the time commitment they are prepared to allocate to the training. Please call so we can discuss your individual situation.

What if my dog is partly trained?

Royvon offers many options to improve your dog’s training. Tailor fit services are available for those who wish to focus on specific areas and training needs. These may include one-to-one lessons or flexible boarding and training. A consultation with a member of the Royvon team will help you to decide what service will be best for you.

Don’t I need to be part of the training experience?

There are certainly advantages to having the dog pet parent involved in the training experience, and residential training is no exception: The pet parent must learn and practise the skills to experience the same results the trainer did. There is only a short period of time that the dog and pet parent are not together. However, both are still learning the skills and process for maximum efficiency.

Other features and benefits to residential training include dog training while on holiday, having the house re-modelled, or during a move or planned surgery. In addition, it is much easier for many pet parents to practise obedience on a dog that is already trained, rather than trying to train from scratch while learning and practising at the same time. To find out if residential training is right for your dog, please contact us.

Are all dogs trainable?

All dogs are trainable to some degree, It depends on your dog’s breed and age.

What training methods are used?

Royvon promotes a positive reinforcement training environment for all guest dogs. Reinforcements will vary from dog to dog, and are based on the individual dog’s sensitivities and motivations. All desired behaviour is reinforced by a reward, whether it be voice, touch, a toy, play or food, et. al. All unwanted behaviour is either re-directed, or, as needed, corrected.

A correction may consist of a voice (i.e. “ah ah”, “eh” or “shhh”) or another non-harmful method to either mark the unwanted behaviour or break the focus to enable the handler to re-direct the behaviour to something that will earn a reward. Dogs are quick to learn what behaviour earns rewards and what behaviour is either ignored or marked, thus the experience becomes more and more enjoyable for them.

What if my dog is untrainable?

There are very few dogs out there that are deemed “too damaged” to train. While there are no guarantees in regards to any dog’s full potential, there are limitless ways to counter-condition, re-shape, control and/or manage a difficult dog and still be able to enjoy a mutually fulfilling life together. If in doubt, schedule a hands-on assessment to discuss the options and possibilities.

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