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Understanding and Training a Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier

This breed is just as highly stubborn as it is sensitive. It is necessary to be firm, yet patient and respectful in the obedience training process. Lakelands will not respond to endless jerking on their lead, or other such approaches to training and behaviour management.

Due to hunting instincts, the Lakeland, like many terriers, is a bold, brave, fast and independent chaser - although this line of the breed is known to have a stronger working drive over other terrier breeds. Do not let a Lakeland off the lead in an open area unless you are sure you have complete control. Recall is an important command to instil early and often - and with purpose and high rewards for compliance.

Although not as high-strung as some terriers, the Lakeland is still feisty & spirited - a thoughtful and consistent leadership programme is necessary to ensure this breed knows its place within the family unit.

Breed Profile

Breed Name: Lakeland Terrier

Domestic Dog Group:

Brief Description:

  • General Size: 15 - 17 lbs (7 - 8 kg); 35 cm
  • General Temperament: Brave & Hardy
  • General Description: Given proper obedience and leadership, the Lakeland Terrier has all the makings for a versatile family companion

Breed’s Key Traits

  High Med-High Medium Med-Low Low
Requires Experience     x    
Good Family Dog     x    
Exercise Required     x    
Activity Indoors   x      
Ease of Training       x  
Sociability with Strangers       x  
Grooming Requirements   x      


Brief History

Although its origin dates back to the 1700's, several lines of the this terrier were bred and grouped in the early 1900's. The Lakeland version having its name derived from its origin in the Lake District of England. A versatile hunter used with Foxhounds to hunt foxes and with Otterhounds to hunt otters, the Lakeland is known as a companion breed today, but can still dispatch vermin.


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