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Understanding and Training a Mastiff


The Mastiff is generally a calm, easygoing and affectionate breed that is loyal to the family. Remember, however, that Mastiffs have fighting bloodlines and are strong, protective & fearless. Therefore, owning a one does require experience and a handler with excellent leadership skills.

As a guard and companion, the Mastiff is very friendly & affectionate with family, but can be wary of strangers. To avoid uncomfortable situations, socialise this breed early and pro-actively with as many people, animals & environments as possible. Create positive experiences and praise all desired responses.

Mildly stubborn, the Mastiff is a cooperative and good-natured learner. Exercise patience and rely primarily on praise and very little on correction, as harsh methods will provoke this breed.

Bred as guard dogs, the Mastiff rarely wanders and is almost always alert & ready at its post. Regardless of how seriously the Mastiff takes their guard duty, this is first and foremost a dog that thrives in companionship and will not be happy relegated to the garden.

Breed Profile

Breed Name: Mastiff

Domestic Dog Group:

Brief Description:

  • General Size: 175 - 190 lbs (79 - 86 kg); 70 - 76 cm
  • General Temperament: Loyal & Alert
  • General Description: A fiercely loyal, affectionate and protective companion.

Breed’s Key Traits

  High Med-High Medium Med-Low Low
Requires Experience   x      
Good Family Dog     x    
Exercise Required     x    
Activity Indoors       x  
Ease of Training     x    
Sociability with Strangers     x    
Grooming Requirements       x  


Brief History

The Mastiff is an ancient breed that literally means "type of dog" - in this case, a giant, fighting breed with a heavy head. While the mastiff origins do date back thousands of years, the Old English Mastiff is not as old and has developed into the even more massive and powerful dog that it is today, with many of its newer bloodlines being the result of near extinction during the World Wars.


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