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One-to-One Sessions FAQs

What is most effective at Royvon, residential training or One 2 One instruction?
It totally depends on the owner and the time commitment they are prepared to allocate to the training. The only problem that can occur when residential training is delayed is that the learned behaviour starts and the best age passes. Please call and we can discuss your individual situation

How many sessions does it take?
With most dogs that come in for the average training such as pulling on the lead or recall or jumping up, slight dog aggression etc the block of 4 lessons usually does the trick (it also depends on the owner how quick they pick up).

With more extreme cases such as aggression towards dogs or people, obsession, insecure dogs, chasing, destroying etc it might take longer. Sometimes the further sessions are carried out at home.

Is there a limit to how many people can attend?
The more people that come to the lessons the better specially when they live with the dog/s or have any kind of contact with it.

Is there any support between sessions?
Please contact customer services and we will direct you in the right direction.

If we have more than one dog, will we be able to train them in one session?
When a family has more than one dog it is best to train them both at the same time as they might require slightly different handling or could be feeding from each other

How do the sessions develop with more serious behaviour problems?
Sometimes we have to do a lot more work with the owner than with the dog to built their confidence, this is generally for aggression cases. We also can take the sessions to the owners homes or nearby locations to help with the problems in that environment.

How much do the One 2 One sessions cost?
We offer a discounted rate of 35 + Vat per hour if you book and pay for 4 sessions. We know that in most training circumstances then a series of sessions is most effective in the long term. If you want to pay as you go then the charge is 45 + Vat per hour.


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