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Poor Manners

If your dog jumps up on you and even worse jumps up on your guests it can be at the least unsettling and with larger dogs quite frightening to some people.

A dog's energy level is an innate trait as much as it is learned behaviour. High energy dogs, such as gundogs and other working breeds are naturally high-drive, excitable and active. If energy is not properly channelled, such as when a dog does not get enough exercise or stimulation in general, this excitement can result in hyperactivity and poor social manners.

Similarly, dogs that are not obedience trained and/or are without rules and boundaries in the household will often show this in the form of hyper-behaviour and outward disrespect for humans.

Dog with poor manners at Royvon Dog Training School

Additionally, behaviour is learned when it is reinforced, sometimes unintentionally. For instance, dogs that jump up and are greeted with a big fuss will repeat the behaviour because it is rewarding. Even when the behaviour becomes a nuisance and the dog is pushed away, verbally reprimanded or eye contact is made, this is still regarded as attention to the dog, which is rewarding.

Taking this one step further, an owner who makes celebrates a dogs' exits and entrances to the home is not only reinforcing a potential unwanted ritual of behaviour, they are promoting anxiety and stress for the dog, which can translate to hyperactivity. A dog that has never been taught that it's normal to be alone and is too dependent on the owner will likely have over excited stress-related behaviour. It is a perpetuating cycle to send signals to the dog that an event is about to take place and then reinforce those signals through further attention (rewards). Even if the dog does not suffer from separation anxiety, signalling or "triggering" the lead-in to an event will still stimulate the dog to heighten their behaviour. A classic example of the latter is when the owner picks up the dog's lead - the dog learns to anticipate something rewarding out of the direct association of the trigger, therefore becomes over excited, hyperactive and sometimes out of control.

Poor manners, in general, are a people problem as much as a dog problem - people are easily put off (or accidentally harmed) by the behaviour and uncontrolled dogs with pent-up energy are certainly not well balanced and happy. It is solely the human responsibility, however, to teach a dog to live in a domesticated environment as dogs are not naturally wired to assume our ethics without intervention.

How Royvon can help?

Poor manners are covered as part of our Complete Training Package or dogs can also attend a 7 day specialist course as outlined below.

Course details

Recommended time frame: Minimum one week residential training

The owner training takes place on course completion; this includes review of owner & dog relationship, rules of the household and simulating basic greeting rituals.

Pricing: 250 + VAT (100 deposit to reserve dates; balance due on course completion).


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