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As a companion dog, there is little negative to say about a well bred and well balanced Pug's temperament and industrious nature. However, with many small, charming and gleefully entertaining breeds, it is all to easy to spoil, under-exercise, over-feed and manipulate behaviour versus training and duly respecting the independent and dignified aspects of this dog's personality.

Although the Pug is not a known tyrant when overindulged, they still crave human attention, can be sensitive to voice and stubborn about certain tasks, therefore even the best of breed potential can go needlessly wrong. Such examples include Pugs that develop exaggerated stubbornness, agitation towards other competing humans and pets, and overt discomfort from lack of species specific stimulation - keeping in mind that the Pug is prone to an above average number of health problems. In other words, dogs that are not "allowed" to be dogs and are never treated as dogs are often compromised in mind, body and spirit.


Royvon Dog Training Schools has years upon years of experience with Pugs and experienced Trainers of Pugs - those who help Pugs develop their best qualities and help owners nurture and enjoy those qualities to the full... and those who set out to un-do what the owners have unintentionally imposed upon the breed. After all, it is usually quite easy to identify a genuinely happy Pug companion from a suppressed one.

Royvon specialise in recall training for Pugs.

Breed Characteristics Breed Awareness/Management

A sturdy & stable toy breed that is both friendly & playful and not a known trouble-maker.

Have fun training this breed, avoiding harsh treatment and excessive jerking on the lead, as a little positive training goes a long way - and can be most enjoyable (in a playful, fun-loving way) for both dog & owner.

Unlike many toy varieties, the Pug can be somewhat spoiled without turning into a tyrant - although many are known to become one-person dogs.

Regardless, spoiling may nurture the "only child" syndrome in the breed promoting jealously with small children and other pets.

Bred as a companion, the Pug has a myriad of charming characteristics that make up its endearing, loyal, independent, industrious and dignified little bundle of personality.

Enjoy the company of a Pug and nurture its social, friendly & playful side as much as the busy & industrious side.


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