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Puppy Classes FAQs

When should I start training my puppy?
Puppy training should begin the moment you welcome them into your home. Therefore you should take the opportunity to socialize your puppy and shape desired behaviour as soon as possible. If you have not already got your puppy or you have only just welcomed it into your home then you may want to take advantage of our puppy consultation service, where advice will be offered on all aspects of puppy care, in order for you to both get off to the best possible start. Our formal puppy training starts as soon as vaccinations are completed.

What's the best age for your classes?
As soon as possible after the puppy vaccinations.

How many puppies attend each class?
We try to be as flexible as possible as people normally cannot commit to 10 week programs, saying that we do not like more than 6 puppies in any of our classes.

What happens if my puppy is nervous?
Our puppy classes can help your dog to socialise with other puppies of a similar age, and become more confident. Your instructor will advise you on how to help you puppy overcome this nervousness without making the situation too stressful for you or your puppy, but instead making it an enjoyable experience.

How often do classes start?
The classes are on continuous basis, you would just have to check if there is an available space on an up - coming class and enrol you puppy for that class.

Frequency of classes?
The classes are weekly and the times are available on the book now section of the puppy class page.

What happens if I cannot make a session?
In case you miss a session, there is not a problem as when you return for the following class you will retake the class that you missed last time. You will be able to attend the puppy classes until you have done 10 classes.

What is the cost of the puppy classes?
We recommend that you purchase 10 credits for 100.00 + Vat that covers you and your puppy for both puppy shaping and puppy foundation. Please note that you don't have to commit to 10 weeks consecutively as you can advise us within 24 hours and you then don't use one of your 10 credits. Alternatively you can pay as you go for a rate of 15.00 + Vat per session.


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