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Understanding and Training a Shar Pei

Shar Pei

Stubborn, wilful & bold, the Shar Pei is a difficult breed to train, although essential to be trained. Strong leadership skills, confidence and firm obedience is required to keep this dog under control and devoted to its owner, as the Shar Pei is also known to be aloof. Training with variety is equally important to a dog that is easily bored by repetition.

Often reserved of strangers, many owners will boast that the Shar Pei can be very affectionate & loyal to the family. A well balanced Shar Pei is accustom to people and other animals at an early age and continues to be socialised as part of a regular routine.  When poorly socialised, the breed becomes territorial and aggressive.

The excessive folds of loose skin on the Shar Pei enabled the dog to twist & fight as part of their ancient Chinese purpose. Once nearly extinct, the comeback of this unique looking breed is considered by many to be highly fashionable. Therefore, be especially careful when thinking of owning this breed, as it has been shamelessly exploited by questionable breeders. A poorly bred Shar Pei is likely to have all the undesired

characteristics exaggerated. Support responsible breeding practises and help this dog be the good-natured companion is can and should be! 

Breed Profile

Breed Name: Shar Pei

Domestic Dog Group:

Brief Description:

  • General Size: 35 - 45 lbs (16 - 20 kg); 46 - 51 cm
  • General Temperament: Aloof & Calmly Wilful
  • General Description: A good-natured, loyal & affectionate Shar Pei is well bred, well socialised, well trained and well led.

Breed’s Key Traits

  High Med-High Medium Med-Low Low
Requires Experience   x      
Good Family Dog     x    
Exercise Required     x    
Activity Indoors     x    
Ease of Training       x  
Sociability with Strangers       x  
Grooming Requirements       x  


Brief History

A very old Chinese fighting breed dating back to the 1500's, the Shar Pei is believed to be a mix of mastiffs-type breeds crossed with Nordic bloodlines.


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