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Understanding and Training a Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle

One of the most intelligent of all breeds (thus all the popular poodle cross-breeding), the Standard Poodle is highly responsive to obedience training. Due to their extreme willingness to please and the fact that they'll learn about anything, it is a shame to see the breed spoiled, as it makes them stubborn and moody.  Therefore, train and care for this dog with equal dignified, good natured & proud spirit.  The Standard Poodle is not notorious for behavioural problems when treated like the intelligent breed they are.

Lively & playful, the poodle loves people. Of all varieties of poodles, the Standard is arguably the best with children (although can be too lively for some).  - Have fun with the breed via energetic walks and play sessions filled with calm praise and affection. 

Also one of the more sensitive breeds, in addition to intelligence, the Standard has a keen sense for instinctual behaviour. Practise calmly bonding routines during this breed's necessary grooming to help temper and manage their strong spirit.


Breed Profile

Breed Name: Standard Poodle

Domestic Dog Group:

Brief Description:

  • General Size: 40 - 70 lbs (21 - 32 kg); 38 cm
  • General Temperament: Intelligent, Biddable & Lively
  • General Description: Although lively, the Standard Poodle has almost no behavioural problems when treated like the intelligent breed they are.
  • Note: There have been statistical studies in regards to variations in temperament given the coat colour of the poodle. For more information read Bruce Fogle, "Dialogues with Dogs", Little Books, Ltd. 2006.

Breed’s Key Traits

  High Med-High Medium Med-Low Low
Requires Experience       x  
Good Family Dog   x      
Exercise Required     x    
Activity Indoors   x      
Ease of Training   x      
Sociability with Strangers     x    
Grooming Requirements x        


Brief History

There are three varieties of the poodle breed: The Toy; Miniature and Standard. The Standard is the oldest and largest, originating in Germany as a water retriever, and later a show and circus dog.


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