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Even more challenging dogs can be helped.

Many owners of exceptionally challenging dogs hope that obedience training will change their dog's behaviour, when in fact, in most cases, obedience training the dog is only half the equation.

Training will normally calm a nervous or aggressive dog due to the fact that it clarifies the expectations from their owner, and strengthens the bond and provides the trust they need in order to take cues from their leader - but it will not change who they are. Furthermore, a training programme can re-shape undesirable behaviour such as teaching a dog that to recall to you is more rewarding than any other competing distraction, but often a complementary behaviour Management programme is necessary.

Behavioural Management is understanding the nature and nurturing of your dog and adapting a programme to re-establish the dog's domestic boundaries. Where obedience training provides control, managing behaviour clarifies the dog's perceived position within the environment.

In many, cases, dog-dog aggression, dog-people aggression and other such serious behavioural responses can be modified by analysing and changing or re-balancing the relationship with those involved.

Royvon Targeted Training offers a wide range of residential training programmes each focusing on specific problematic obedience or behaviour, such as poor manners, dog aggression, jumping up and lead control. Below is a list of the most commonly requested targeted training, however programmes may be customised to suit the individual dog owner's needs.

These Courses are a minimum of one week, all courses include a demonstration and hands-on tuition on course completion.

Targeted Training can really only address obedience or behaviour problems that can be safely simulated in an environment external to the home. Should this not be the case, such as with Separation Anxiety, the owner will be asked to consider one of the Royvon in-home or consultative training service options.

Pricing and time frames for each course are listed following the course description.


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